Stuart Male
Coonawarra, Australia
Jun 7, 2010
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Busy person. Enjoyed chess when I was a teenager. Not really played since. This site gives me a chance to play again in the odd spare time that I have (usually on night shift). Work as a nurse in an emergency department in a hospital 50km from home. Home is in a little town called Penola on the edge of Coonawarra, arguably the best cabernet sauvignon growing wine region in the world. I really enjoy this site. Get a chance to play against people from all around the world, make friends and play chess whenever I get a spare moment with no pressure to log on everyday (but I probably will). I learned to play chess at school (in england). At lunchtimes it was the rule that kids had to be either in the dining room eating or leave the premises. I joined the lunchtime chess club to avoid being thrown out into the cold and wet. Used to bet food at each game - i see your cookie and raise you one egg and cress sandwich etc.... Loved the game, so many possibilites, never two games the same and teaches you how to think ahead. After I left school I never played until a couple of months ago when i started playing again at work (against the security guard) on quiet night shifts (few and far between these days).

I have now become a volunteer ambulance officer for my town.

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