Theresa Peisel
Nashville,TN, United States
Sep 24, 2011
Last Login
9 days ago

I only play Individual challenges and no more tournaments or groups. So, if you want me to join your group there is little to no chance that I will. If you are an individual and challenging me to a game, I play the white pieces or I will decline. If I challenge you, I will play the black pieces. If you are looking for cyber then go away. You are in the wrong place. Don’t waste my time and I won’t insult your intelligence.


Online Chess:

I normally only play 5 day a move games unless I know you.


Live Standard:

 I play 15/10 games.


Live Blitz:

 I play 10/0 games.


Bullet: I don't consider real chess and I do not play it anymore. It is a complete and total waste of time and it destroys your ability to play real chess. 


 Any questions feel free to ask.

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