Vienna, Austria
Jul 6, 2011
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Aug 14, 2011
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Hi, I´m a chess aficionado from Vienna. I started playing chess during the Kasparov-Karpov matches 1985/86. In the course of the time period 1985-1995 I played [ all kind of national and international tournaments] and studied [I have a chess library of about 50 books; mainly game collections from every classical worldchampion and the chess university series from Botvinnik, Keres, Petrosian, Smyslov and Tal] the game extensively. Due to my university studies, my job and my family [married] I had no more time for OTB competition although I followed the chess scene via chessbase and I continued my chess studies. Back then in the "good old days" I had an OTB rating of about 2100. I hope that I can go on from my chess knowledge and experience.

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