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Aug 26, 2011
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Greetings, all and sundry

Our great friend, LadyCrysania, whom we've known since June 2007, introduced us to so we'll give it a whack.

Our life as a wood pusher began in the Philippines at the age of 6 and we have remained a wood pusher ever since. At 15 we joined the local chess club and short after beginning "serious theoretical studies", participating in our first national championship summer 1986, coming in third (ELO: 1575)

We started to play again this April after a nine year lay-off so our current national ELO is 1682 (dropped from 1798), (peak at 1854 in 2002.), FIDE, 1891 (dropped from 1958)  and our best performance to date is the Championship of Northern Norway, June 2001, coming in second with a 2106 perfomance.

Being a trained philosopher, we have worked as a teacher at all levels. In our spare time(!) between writing articles, chronicles, essays and stories, we try to work out and practice our guitar, fingerpicking being my speciality and having recently discovered Jerry Reed and his banjo style adapted to guitar.

Three of our chess related articles are to be found on chessbase: and

On principle, we befriend only people we have known for some time, talked to or met outside the web.

Take care, and see you there.


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