Jan 13, 2010
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I learnt to play when i was twelve, and continued to do so till i was 25. Never played on a regular basis or participated in tournaments or in matches. However the game has held a fascination unparalled by any other game for me. Stumbled onto this site in Jan 2010, and got hooked once again. I don't use any engines while playing since the focus shifts and I presume so does the pleasure of testing one's skill against an opponent. On an objective note, i notice that my ability to calculate seems to have declined with age but then again so what. I still enjoy playing. The book which has had most influence on my game is " Nine Bad Moves and How to Avoid Them" By Fred Reinfeld.

Apart from chess, I had enjoyed playing "Bridge". It is also an interesting game and involves more teamwork than chess. More social and noisy. In a lighter vein, one can always lay the blame for any mistake on ones partners doorstep. Chess does not provide you that luxury. It makes you pay for your inaccuracies.


The end result is not surprising considering that Black's QR and QN have not participated in the game. The lesson is development, development and development of your pieces. Better to develop, fight and lose than do otherwise.
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