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Nov 12, 2009
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I'm terrible but enthusiastic. Smyslov's games are my favorite, all smooth simplicity and flow front to back. But I've been looking at tons of Larsen games recently and appreciate a little chaos sorta tossed in the middle of an otherwise innocuous position. I strive to play like Smyslov, but think my games are more like a (trash, cut-rate) Larsen-ist. XD


I've picked up the stupidest White opening and seem to enjoy it. One of those, "Gosh golly I sure hate playing against this durfy thing, but it gotta be bad!" And, trying it on a whim, just haven't seemed to feel like switching. (If you haven't played me recently, I'll give you a hint: it's got the name of one of them dudes I mentioned up there in it lol.)


I never remember what's happening in my games so I've decided to never sign up for another 24 hour move tournament again. Alright I can't help myself, I just might. That's when I kill my rating and blunder the world. More.



Some other stuffs:

I probably won't join your team (unless it's like sooo cool), probably will join your tourney (assuming it's No Vacation only pleeease), probably will accept your friend request (but delete it later after i think you don't remember), might accept a challenge (maybe. dunno). Chess bios are dumb. Dunno why I bothered. =]P



Oh yeah. Also I run a lot. Mainly up and down mountains. Sometimes for kinda a long ways.



Okay! Battle!

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