Chess Tai Chesseurbank
encinitas, ca, United States
May 1, 2010
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Apr 20, 2013

I'm a great constantly improving chess player, who is also great at other things besides chess. Chess is cool, chess is fun, and chess is smart, so why not play a game that perfectly matches the person; i think chess is fun, chess helps my problem solving skills, and chess is cool, especially the 3D boards. I do not really focus on the openings and opening theory as much as endgame, but I do create my own opening theorys, such as the double-bishop-inversed-pawn-sidefend-launcher-strategy, which by the way isn't just an opening, it's a whole-game strategy that when launched can last through the whole game; (if the other person survives past the opening) My rating is 1100-ish, but I am constantly improving. It is gauranteed that the rating will improve every week, maybe even every second!!!

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