Jessica Williams
Lancaster, Pa, United States
Jan 13, 2011
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Hi my name is Jessica and I am ...(do the math --.-- ) ...years old... >.< Ever since I learned how to play chess in my early 20's I fell in love with it--- I try my best to always improve; mostly by just playing but have also set my rating options to only except challenges from higher rated players : ) I enjoy making new friends but am not on here to date~--or play "online chess"---it's too drawn out and I always forget to move; live chess however I really enjoy. I am happily married and have been for about a decade... I LOVE music :-), it is one of my passions, along with many other forms of art; I come from a very musical family and most of my family members play instruments and/or sing very well... :-) ~A fun thing for a camp fire yes?!! I live in a very German area of Pennsylvania and can speak both German and Pennsylvania Dutch. Challenge me any time! ~Thanks for stopping by!! ~Jess

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