Dereck Laureano
Miami, FL / Durham, N.C./Carolina, P.R., Puerto Rico
Jun 24, 2012
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Jan 23, 2013

Trying to make expert by Dec.2012 ...uscf 1925...

Currently training with IM Zoran Petronijevic........

Karpov was asked once what style he most resembles he said i have no style and it is to this that we are indifferent ......I lose in tactical melees and positional strangles. I've lost in opening traps and in every conceivable type of ending. (I even blew a bare kings ending once) Whether I post a knight on the sixth rank, sack the exchange, gambit a pawn, double rooks on the seventh, win the bishop pair, or obtain Alekhine's gun, I lose. If there's a tactic that's ever been defined in a chess book, it has beaten me.

How many of you are so versatile? 

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