Nov 1, 2018
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Hi ,I am Aditya Bang,

I suck at blitz  so hear this:

 You can lookup my rating on the USCF website.I am good at tactics.I am working to become the worlds best kid Master.It will take me about 5 years or more but one day I will complete my goal.I am a good chess player so you can play chess with me.I am online about most of the time.Please join,

Hi!Everyone who joins gets 5 trophies 🏆 ! You are going to do puzzles, play vote chess and tournaments. You are going to learn openings and winning strategies-endgames, tactical patterns and other winning strategies. Please join today!  





Have fun in the club!


Club Rules:

1. No spamming

2. Be respectful

3. Be kind

4. No bullying or insulting

5. Do not force



1. Same rule+

2. Do not kick or ban people without a good reason

3. Invite

4. Do things to make the club better


Super Admins:

1. Same as above+

2. Do not kick or ban people without a good reason

3. Do not change the club without my permission

4. Invite more people

5. Do things to make the club better



If any of these caught doing will get three notice and will be banned from club.

If admins not doing their job will be demoted.


Also,advertise too much please.



Please support by joining our chess teams here>         


Don’t hesitate to ask questions in notes, forums, etc... if you have a question or confused.

Have a great day everyone!

It is the best league ever and Thanks guys if you joined both of the clubs and read this far.