You are a beginner chess player and need a chess mentor?

     I will help you to reach 2000++ level  (rapid/blitz rating) very quickly!

     My approach to chess as a coach is to change your thinking system to a better one. After that, you'll start to understand chess better in general and get rid of a fair amount of annoying blunders, typical for beginner chess players. Even after a few lessons, you'll be able to look at the chess game from a completely different angle.

diamond About my fees. diamond

     The approximate price of my work is 30 USD/hour. Prices may vary depending on you and your desire to learn and improve your chess!  If you'd like to train hard and work quite a lot then the price can be reduced.

     I also offer a goldFreegold  consultation for new students!!

    playhand  Available for training games as a sparring partner. playhand

     Feel free to send me a message if my offer is interesting for you.

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