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Hello everybody! My name is GM Shashvat Jha. I am a GM and I was born in the Bay Area in California and I love to play chess. At first, I lost many games. But then, I won 2 games by checkmate and by resignation because of too many checks. Here they are:

Chess: ErMejoo vs AggressiveSteps - 5149494800 -

Chess: SAMUELTELLEZBERNAL vs AggressiveSteps - 5153776253 -

But then, I kept losing games after I defeated ErMejoo and SAMUELTELLEZBERNAL. But then, my dad joined and I defeated him and we both got stalemate sometimes. Here are the first game and my latest game I won against my dad:

Chess: AggressiveSteps vs KingKrish30 - 9604560947 -

Chess: AggressiveSteps vs KingKrish30 - 5525684631 -

I am a Minecraft fan because I play Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. I like Creepers, Withers, Endermen, and the Ender Dragon. Below is a picture of Minecraft: Java Edtion, and also, I like to play with computers,
playing Blitz, Bullet, Rapid, Puzzle Battles, and Live960! And I always love to battle robots. Plz battle me and if you win, I will give you a trophy. If you lose, then I will type" Good Game." If you draw, then I will the same thing if you lose. Bye! ;-)

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