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anti mentalist
San Francisco, United States
Oct 1, 2012
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"Mere wishful thinking can't alter reality. But sometimes reality is altered in the direction of wishful thinking." >>>>> My world is a wonderland and my soul is a deep ocean. I am an enigma and to know me is an adventure. I am a former member of a college chess varsity team, tournament player, chess enthusiast. My unofficial standard OTB rating hovers between 2100-2200(recorded at a tournament in California sometime in 2015). To stay sharp, I play 3 min and 1 min games on this site (any longer game time against online live opponent is suspect due to availability of very strong engines that can be used selectively or for the whole game). I admire the games of these great grandmasters: Alekhine(tactics study), Fischer(strategy & tactics), Karpov(strategy), Kasparov(tactics). >>>>> Here are some chess sites that I find informative: 2700chess.com, chess.com, chessbase.com, chessclub.com, chessgames.com, theweekinchess.com, newinchess.com,, lichess.com, http://kevinspraggettonchess.wordpress.com/.  >>>>> Let's talk about love. Love is a leap of trust, faith and hope. You trust the person with your heart. Have faith that she won't hurt you. And hope that it all works out. A gentleman can love a million ladies, but only a real man can love one lady in a million ways. Love is not about words but the meaning behind the words. It's not "you can trust me" but "i'll never make you doubt".. not "don't do this" but "let me do it for you".. not just "don't go there" but "let me go there with you.. not just "take care" but "what can I do to help".. not just "i'm sorry" but "i'll never hurt you again".. not just "i'm here" but "i'll never leave you"..not just "i'll try my best" but "i'll do whatever it takes"..not just "i love you" but "life has no meaning without you". AND there might come a time when we just have to let go of someone who matters most to us, not because we have to, but because it's the right thing to do..let us remember that we can't force someone to love us...we can't force someone to stay when she wants to leave and be with someone else...this is what love is all about

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