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dear  members, just  an update, i feel  great and in may after i flunked a stress test by needle , i had to have a heart catherization,  received  a stent in branch of heart  and next day one stent in each kidney(they were  90%blocked), i didn't know i had arteries tthroughout kidineys , but it must be many since the hospital said they were  common

i  feel great  though, i lost  52 pounds on weightwatchers,  and  have to deal with life throws  you

i had  a chess author,  david  rudel who wrote  zukem  about the colle zukertort

he has another book  coming out soon on  the colle

i  love  this site, great  people,   i'  trying to learn better chess and i'm  not giving up  even though, i'm gett my butt kicked  all the time,  thankas for  the lessons


dear members, since this post, i fell twice breaking my left shoulder and had another mini stroke, just got out of hospital and rehab after 15 days.

i had 2 carotid stents put in left artery since it was now closed to 80% and now its opened to 25%, i feel much better now  and have many more questons about chess(mainly  comparisons on defense such as caro  kann compared to  alekine french, sicilian  and best book to get on caro kann, its variations

, i like the panov botvinnick attack, but which variation do you think is the best  

who was the greatest grandmaster to have played the caro kann(i kniow there were many, but does one stand out

sorry i know i ask a lot iof questions, but i'm hooked on chess and just want to improve my game.  i was told by members that i should pick out a couple openings for white and a couple defenses for black to start with.

i habve the scotch as one of my whites  and caro kann as one of my black.

if you want to write, my email is

                    thanks  tony  (antne003)



i'm a 60 year old retired chief of police and police training coordinator from the n ew jersey shore area. i am disabled from a stroke i had in 2002 which left my leftside paralyzed., prior to stroke i was in and teaching the martial arts for over 35 years (goju karate 6 degree, judo 3rd degree black belt, aikido(brown belt, filipino stick and knife fighting 1st degree black belt taught police 4 years prior to stroke. thanks tony solis any one who will volunteer to share their expertise in the area of chess is appreciated greatly send a message to my email, thanks tony read above, i'm not great, just went back to try to improve my game since stroke in 2002 any help on playing the game is appreciated thanks tony solis email

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