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Maximum Effort, India
Apr 30, 2017
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Hi!!!  thumbup.pngfriends.png



Nice of you to view my profile coaches.png!  Have a great day! happy.pnghappy.pnghappy.png     



Have fun Chess playing! bk.pngwk.pngwq.pngbq.png



Don't forget to leave a friend request! thumbup.png draw.png                                                                         


I learnt to play chess when I was three! Started playing actively from October 2016. Joined chesspawn.png Chess.com chesspawn.png on April 29 2017, and that's when I started playing seriously. I started playing more actively when one of my friends boasted about his skill in the game of tennis (he could beat me easily.) I had to come up with one game of my own. 



Finally, on the mission to kill the 1600 barrier in bullet bullet.png!


I love music! So much! Pretty much listen to anything (all the time) as long as it's good to hear..blitz.png

I am a pianist...







I am a hard-core gamer. PC games. I am more interested in action adventure and open world games. I have upgraded my computer several times just to meet the system requirements of those games. My favorite of all time is the Dishonored Franchise. It isn't open world but completely stealth adventure. I have the original game, it's sequel (Dishonored 2), and all the DLCs. I even have the franchise's comics. I am eagerly waiting for game's next-in-series standalone game, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.  



I am also a fan of Rockstar Games, especially the Grand Theft Auto series, Batman: Arkham City, Days Gone, Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry 4, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Black Ops 3.Racing games aren't my favorite but I do play NFS Most Wanted 2 and Blur (usually multiplayer).




Besides chess, I play badminton and table tennis.



Last but not the least:

Comic book reader: both Marvel and DC, but I always liked DC more. But in case of movies, I like Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) more than DC Extended Universe (DCEU). My favorite character in Marvel is Doctor Strange and in DC is Flash. I read most of these at Readcomiconline.to, one of the best comic sites I have ever visited. Or I download PDFs of these comics. If the book is actually rare or limited edition, I try to buy them from anyone and anywhere. (if it's available) I do like Deadpool too.





   votechess.png Thanks for reading. Have a great day! Again! happy.png 





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