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Cosmic Rogue Pigeon

Right Here, United States
Nov 14, 2014
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8 hrs ago
Supporting member since Nov 7, 2015

Please check out my 1st YouTube video, I need your support: https://youtu.be/wj_j89jLF6I 

I am a magician, ranked by Chess Personality on: http://www.chesspersonality.com

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"Lets settle this beef!"

ALL OF MY FRIENDS JOIN THIS CLUB: https://www.chess.com/club/balashukla0761-and-friends

 Please don't mind do drop a comment forums.png or trophy trophies.png 

peshka.png Hello, my name is Bala, a very ambitious young chess player (at least I feel ambitious wink.png).


 Playing too much Brawl Stars now 

Favorites :

 Hobby:  Programming

 School Subject:  Math

 Sports Hero:  Garry Kasparov (Chess), Roger Federer (Tennis)

 Comic Series:  DragonBall Z

 Movie:  Jurassic Park

 Video Game:  Pokemon Red (Nintendo) + Fortnite + Minecraft (who says its old)

 Online Game:  Mope.io

 Color:  Red

All My Brawl Stars Brawlers in the order I got them (I haven't spent a single buck on the game!):

Shelly, Nita, Poco, Colt, Barley, Bull, Primo, Jessie, Darryl, Rico, Brock, Piper, Leon, Crow ( I did not spend a single dollar on the game, I got both from brawl boxes, I gained Leon at 1500, and Crow at 1800, when I say this, people don't believe me but then I show them my payment history on the app store. go and check my account, called: Hue G. Rection, in a clan called: Dehydration)Dynamike, Penny, Bo, Carl, Pam, Rosa, Tara, Gene, Bibi, Frank, Mortis

Favorite Mope.io Creature:

null(Can't see its vicious teeth since the background is White)

Favorite Pixel Gun:


Automatic Peacemaker

Also a fan of Classical Music, Pokemon (not obsessed), Astronomy, Jurassic Park


You can also find me on :

 Brawl Stars:  Hue G. Rection (Clan: Dehydration)

 Scratch:  bala0761

 Clash Royale:  coolkid 

 Pixelgun coolkid

More about me:

Try out one of my clubs called Custom Positions Club


Try my Game :

here is the link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/150298754/#fullscreen



Great Classical Pieces :

Favorite Sound Tracks:





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