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I Solemnly Swear that I am up to No Good

Right Here, United States
Nov 14, 2014
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6 hrs ago
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"Today, after all the battles, after all that time, you chose to believe in your pokemon that made you stronger. today, you challenge the biggest wall there is at the top of the world. Where sky and rock collide, where the cold air breezes against your fired up body and soul. Today, you are gonna show that you are the hammer that smashes down this wall and the one to form a new one by yourself. Today, you finish the goal of your life, and show you are the one chosen by the gods. So now, turn your cap around, stand tall, and be the best.. that no one ever was..."

ALL OF MY FRIENDS JOIN THIS CLUB: https://www.chess.com/club/balashukla0761-and-friends

 Please don't mind do drop a comment forums.png or trophy trophies.png 

peshka.png Hello, my name is Bala, a very ambitious young chess player (at least I feel ambitious wink.png). A few of my other hobbies are art, coding (HTML, JS, SCRATCH), and reading.


 Playing too much mope.io now 

Favorites :

 Hobby:  Programming

 School Subject:  Math

 Sports Hero:  Garry Kasparov (Chess), Roger Federer (Tennis)

 Comic Series:  DragonBall Z

 Movie:  Jurassic Park

 Video Game:  Pokemon Red (Nintendo) + Fortnite + Minecraft (who says its old)

 Online Game:  Mope.io

 Color:  Red

Favorite Mope.io Creature:

null(Can't see its vicious teeth since the background is White)

Favorite Pixel Gun:


Automatic Peacemaker

Also a fan of Classical Music, Pokemon (not obsessed), Astronomy, Jurassic Park


You can also find me on :

 Scratch:  bala0761

 Clash Royale:  coolkid 

 Pixelgun coolkid

More about me:

Try out one of my clubs called Custom Positions Club


Try my Game :

here is the link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/150298754/#fullscreen



Great Classical Pieces :

Favorite Sound Tracks:





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