I teach math in Bangkok. I have a little Thai wife so all the woman should refrain from contacting me unless it is chess related. My wife is dangerous. My brain is old and tired. I was not kind to it when I was young. I hope to find someone I can beat at chess before I die. I like dogs. I compose large quantities of music. I hope to find someone who can tolerate this music before I die. I am a creative and divergent thinker. I have little or no aptitude for chess but I love the game. I used to be quite smart when I was young but now I am not sure if I even have average intelligence and I have always been very poor speller. There that is me in a nutshell. My roommate in college used to torture me with chess. He was a physics major. I read a few things and I was able to beat him now and then. We play each other when ever we can. My son beat him a couple of years ago. I liked that. My son recently came to Thailand and we have been playing a lot. Too much maybe. My son who is still in America just started playing the game. We talk about his games on Yahoo Messenger. I mentioned that I do not have an aptitude for the game so I must gain an advantage in the beginning game and hold it in order to win. You do not have to have a chess brain to be good at the beginning game. That is my theory anyway.