Diamond Member

Goals for 2022:

Blitz: 1800

Bullet: 1850 

Rapid: 1850 

Puzzles: 3000

Puzzle Rush Survival: 55

Puzzle Rush 5 min: 35

Puzzle Rush 3 min: 33

Average Puzzle Rush: 25 (Current 22)

USCF Over the Board: 1700 Complete! happy.png Going for 1800. Tilted sad.png

USCF Quick: 1500 

USCF Blitz: 1450 

FIDE: Try to play more FIDE rated events!!! 

I have made a brilliant move before. Here is the link . Here is another brilliant move : link.

Another brilliant move on move 13 (It was the only possible move....). I lost though. Oh right..... link

Highest puzzle battle

Highest puzzle rush 3 minute, 27

Highest puzzle rush 5 minute, 30

Highest puzzle rush Survival, 47

Check out puzzle 1183308 and 35098 and 471049

Trying for 1800.

I beat @ChessRook5T1 3 times in 1/0 bullet. lmao He wants big revenge.

@kittycat35 wants to kill me (very true, ask her)

@exceptionalfork wants to choke winning positions (like really winning position up a queen or something like that)

Not showing my uscf rating cuz its bad lmao