Hendersonville, NC, United States
Jan 28, 2012
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Aug 6, 2015
I have traveled to 40 countries and almost the entire USA. I have degrees in psychology, education and comparative religion. I am now studying massage therapy because I love to relieve both physical and spiritual pain and let people know they are truly loved. I have learned that all people are nearly the same everywhere. We have the same hopes and dreams and desires. I try my best to love everyone I meet as a member of my family. I believe God created us all. I enjoy playing chess because it symbolizes life for me. We must work together - knowing each ones strengths and weaknesses - with a common strategy and goal. Winning is a great sense of accomplishment. Losing is a great opportunity to improve oneself for the future. It is healthy competition that improves both sides. I love to play with people far from me as if they are in my own living room! what a great time we live in! Thanks for reading this!
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