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eddie rosenthal
santa rosa ca, United States
Mar 20, 2010
Last Login
Aug 31, 2017

Visit me at www.highersourcesites.com Firstly you must understand I am over72 right now, and don't make it an issue. I can still play chess! I've had people ask me how old i am and its quite irritating! Save your irritating for playing good moves.  If you can beat me I don't take it personally either, you could be a better player, and there are many of those out there... mistakes, it happens to everyone.Ratings don't matter with me, i will lose to lower rated players - usually they are sandbaggers and i find that out quickly. You know who you are!  I usually will give a rematch, and find it irritating if you don't, expecially if you just won! I'd like another try at it. Sometimes it won't matter, you are just the better player - good for you! But don't brag, that is just stupid arrogance. I block players like that.  Finger slips, mouse slips - i'd give a takeback if there was a way to do that.. I'm not really into just one opening either. Sometimes for weeks i will experiment with something or another, just to get the feel of the middle game from the opening I am currently working with. It's not a system per se. I find 1 minute chess most challenging because I am not completely a speed player, and spend too much time thinking about chess rather than just reacting. I don't like players who just push it and win on speed, but there are a few out here who do a good job of both, they will beat me easily at 1 minute chess, 3 minute chess etc. I find it rude when people write a note vindicating their success one way or another. Its a form of emotional handicap for them to win at chess, when perhaps their mother didn't love them enough... lol

finally - and lately - there are a lot of assholes playing chess here on this site, some extremely rude, who just can't stand losing or just have some malicious streak in them - the only way i've found to avoid this abuse is to disable chat, and used to think players who did this just were some sort of errant behavior. Now i find myself in the same position. Take no offense from me for sometimes disabling chat. I used to love it, now i don't want to take the risk of childish abuse.

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