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Howard Taylor
Freeport, Bahamas
Jul 1, 2009
Last Login
Dec 28, 2013
Hi All, I enjoy playing chess, like yourselves. "Why ..?" O.o I certainly don't enjoy being subjected to pain and suffering, it just turns out that way. hmm Oh and you get to meet some wonderful ppl too!! If we played and you're reading this . Then you're most definitely "A Wonderful Person". Because something in that game lead you here :) ... and my secret to playing improved and great chess! Read the Bible Daily. Why..? It offers the greatest lessons on how to avoid pain and suffering. And yeah the name... peculiar no doubt. Well if you have the time. There was a farmer by the name Robert Hogan. He raised Pigs. If you spend any amount of time around them you will also learn. Pigs are among the smartest of all animals. He was called "Bro Hog" thats short for Brother Hogan. But that always came out sounding like "Bo Hog". He was the first Pig farmer I met. There you have it. I assumed the name of a great man and a great farmer, and the first as far as I knew. By the way "Pig Farming" is a lucrative business ~_~ So Says Robert Hogan The First!! "My personal quote. Cast your cabbage upon still waters, O Sea Turtle I love you So! In other words, don't take what you know to the grave."
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