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Red Russell O
Grass Valley / Nevada City, United States
Apr 5, 2013
Last Login
Jul 30, 2017
email me to be added to th CHESS HAPPENS email list informing you of it weekly location which VARIES!!!!! Definitely come by. Winning Prizes for top Commanding Kings and Queens. Email me, if you feel like it- I will eventually respond. Or come by and find the tall redhead. More About me: FIre and Water charged, making myself at home down in the holes I dig with the slugs and bugs and worms; when I will eventually plant in most of them holes. Always at service, or subject to elements beyond myself, seemingly making those elements intrinsically effected and a part of myself and thus a greater self has been born within and without of myself... Self Employed destructing the current world and building and nourishing the new world of growth and creation thru intensive observation, heavy-precise-widespread and critical terrain impact accompanied with a symphonic succession of seeds, seedlings and trees supporting one another and those who happen or choose to enter the life zone and increased vibrancy thus perpetually created- forever, unless massive, cataclysmic events de-earthed the crust of life on this planet or specifically where my work lives. so, an "Act of God" is nearly what it takes to interrupt the life forces that are created thru my work.
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