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John Spenard
Rhode Island, United States
May 19, 2010
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5 days ago
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The Medieval King had been awoken from nothing less than the most deafening silence he'd never heard before. As timeless as the jewels that befit his solid gold crown, and for a spell he'd never felt. The Sleep of Death had silenced The King so very many countless ages of time hence passed, only now to be cruelly disturbed by the intense heat, and the endless blood-curdling screams of a redemption that had, up to this moment, long since been paid for thousands of lifetimes by the wicked and the cruel, and had continued to be paid for all eternity by the damned who would never, even for a moment, know peace. The King began to rise as he became stronger and stronger with each howl, and hiss. This was a familiar feeling to him now. He KNEW IT. He, along with history's most gallant and fiercest warriors, had finally been summoned for "The Final Battle", the war to end all wars..."THE END WAR". It was his purpose to lead these now immortal creatures of courage, ferocity, and slight ahead into battle. The ENDLESS Sleep was near, but for whom? As his faithful, powerful, and always loyal Queen shook off her endless slumber, his perilous army took their battle stations one last time. And, as had it had been for millenniums prior, SHE took her place of guard directly beside her awaiting King, along with one of his steadfast Bishops on the other. It was time. The majestic trumpets began to wail. A sickened, deafening symphony, coming from, and announcing to all that ever lived ,through all of the ages of space and time, that the end was finally here. NOW! THIS TIME the slaughter would be final. The King raised his mighty fire blazing sword for all to see. It came crashing down with a war cry heard throughout eternity. The mighty Pawns began their forward frontal assault with their Knights galloping their magical dancing close behind. Battlegrounds converged...the first sprays of blood were spilled....THE END....had begun.... The above chess fantasy, written by myself, is the kind of passion I have for this great timeless game. I Love anything that involves, no, that requires, being creative with my mind, and all of the senses. Therefore, all of The Arts I love! I produce music, read a lot, play way too much chess, lol, write dramatic "other world" type fiction, music, lyrics, and poetry. I fully believe that words, their meanings, the way they sound, and how they're presented are extremely powerful, but not nearly as so as with musical accompaniment. These are the reasons why I believe we are here; which is to sample and FEEL ALL that is good, AND bad. We are this world's only truly emotional living beings. I for one, do not feel that this unique gift is just an anomaly. We ALL have a purpose. Good Luck!!!


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