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NM CraiggoryC

Craig Clawitter
Orange County, CA, United States
May 25, 2008
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National Master Craig Clawitter
  • I've been playing chess competitively since May of 2000 and teaching adults and juniors chess for 13 years! 
  • I played High School Basketball, Water Polo, and Swimming before a basketball injury sent me to the chess board in 2000. 
  • I became a National Candidate Master (USCF rating > 2000) in 2003 and a National Master (USCF rating > 2200) in 2007.
  • I represented Southern California in the Denker High School Championships in 2002 by winning the Southern California High School Championships (just 2 years after playing in tournaments!). 
  • I actually won a recreational blitz match against a very young Fabiano Caruana (he was 10 years old at the time) at that 2002 US Open/Denker High School Championships in Cherry Hill, New Jersey! 
  • This year (2016), I qualified and competed in the very strong Southern California Chess Championships, held in July in Temcula, CA, for the 4th year . The previous years I qualified were 2005, 2011, & 2012.
  • I've worked for several companies that teach chess to juniors in the Southern California area since 2002. Our best students have gone on to be FMs and NMs, including some 2400+ fide rated players.

Hit me up if you want some advice, lessons, or just want to talk to a pretty chill person (imho).

Follow me at @CraiggoryC on Twitter to get some free chess advice and join our cause to make learning chess fun for kids!

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