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Geoff Canlas
Quezon City, Philippines
Feb 20, 2013
Last Login
Jun 23, 2013
Thank you for playing a game of chess. I can't remember the name of a certain chess website (it's not chesscube.com). I still have an account on that site, but I haven't logged in & on there for about a year now, more or less. I've gotten mixed reactions from my opponents when I was playing there. Most of them were laughing while some were totally outraged. A number of them were so upset they terminated the game without making a single move & then left to play a different opponent. I recall a Bulgarian opponent in his early 50s & while we're playing he was telling me non-stop: "Vulgar! Vulgar! Vulgar! Go away! You're not allowed to play here! I will report you to one of the administrators, you vulgar!" to which I responded: "No, sir. I'm not Bulgarian, but you are." Why were they so angry at me? Well, my poor-attempted-humor for a username there is FockYouImTheLoser (LOL!!!!). If you were one of my opponents at the time, please accept my apologies. I was just trying to be funny LOL!!!
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