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Hello everyone. I was a Candidate Master in Armenia and I am an expert player and a coach in the USA. I am working really hard on my NM title. I coach in the American Chess Academy since 2017 where I teach the game to dozens of young talents. I have many students in real life but I am going to try an online platform as well. I have very tactical and strategical skills. In order to reach me, you can either message me on chess.com or call/text me on (818)919-4093 and we will discuss rates. However, I will post here that I will heavily analyze games as well each game for 0.50 dollars.

Will help you improve on:

  • Openings, middlegame, endgame
  • Tactical vs positional understanding
  • The psychological factor of chess

I have also started writing blogs on chess.com, which will become a main task for me. My blogs can be followed here >>>https://www.chess.com/blog/Dante-Alighieri777

Thank you!