Jul 12, 2019
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Hierarchy of the Sciences (much like successor limit hierarchy)

King - Physics

Not merely restricted to the theoretical aspect, physics readily converses with the queen and displays quintessential examples of empathy. It conceives of the laws of the kingdom, and casts its sagacity upon the citizens of Laputa.

Queen - Mathematics

Carl Friedrich Gauss possessed a highly developed intellect, and we cannot beg to differ with his statement that math is the queen of all sciences. It is most notably the purest of them all, not to be surpassed by any, and retains anarchy in Laputa. With profound implications and the tendency of being a primarily computation oriented person, it must fight valiantly in its perpetual (enter thermodynamics) quest to extirpate the opponent.

Rook - Astronomy and Cosmology

On a pressure volume diagram, these correspond to isochoric and isobaric states, thus requiring the need for two things to be intertwined. Indeed, they are inextricably connected, and albeit they may be reclusive at times, when the magnetic moment strikes, they will massacre enemies with only intention of vengeance. Their illusory grandness accounts for such.

Bishop - Chemistry

Bishop Berkeley, an anti Newton adherent, may not have been an Irish chemist, as he immersed himself into philosophy. Nonetheless, chemistry is chock full with graphs, which have a tendency to be oblique. Presumably it is meant to prevent astronomy and cosmology from a farcical brawl, but if so, it does not fit its purpose. Indubitably, it must collaborate with either astronomy or cosmology (usually with astronomy because it is far more audacious than the passive cosmology which ostensibly sits their in a stationary frame of reference) to execute a brilliant scheme which hopefully circumvents an opponent's attack.

The below ones shall not be explained for an arcane reason.

Knight - Biology

Pawn - Psychology and Sociology (the a, b, g, h pawns correspond to sociology, the c, d and e pawns correspond to psychology, while the f pawn is in a superposition, albeit this may collapse as per the Copenhagen interpretation depending on its role in the game)

If integrals are an integral part of mathematics, then integration by parts must ultimately rule supreme over the almighty gods of u substitution, integration by partial fractions and reverse power rule. The letter 'e' plays a vital role in virtually about everything there exists in our vast observable universe, from the subtle compound interest and letter frequency to Einstein's mass equivalence equation (which is interesting to derive). Anyway, amateur chess player speaks out of the quantum realm, for he who is not falling to his demise is falling to his demise and not falling to his demise. Werner Heisenberg is a legendary god, as is the case with the gentle nature of Dirac, Wigner, Einstein, Schrodinger and a multitude of others. Luttinger liquids are divine... yes, condensed matter physics and the ADS CFT correspondence are austerely underrated. As a consequence, they are forced to suffer in the inevitable chaotic turmoil of the Dirac sea and feed upon the Gaussian integral and error function.