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Kushal Rai Saini

Feb 26, 2016
Last Login
15 days ago


Pokemon XYZ starting part of XYZ In master quest song HAHA



Chess video In dangerous music

Is in English




i made the video.

Hi,I am playing chess from three years and my father taught me

chess.I love my father very much.My age is 9.I love chess and parents very much.I like Pokemon too.


                   My top 5 Pokemon are-

 1. Reshiram

 2. Ho-oh

 3. Raikou

 4. Swicoon

 5. Entei

                      Blood Group - AB Positive

Most uncommon blood I can die anytime when my blood is low and 1 minute without taking air man

 I got award In Tinsukia name Chess machine 24

HI, My name is Kushal. I'm 10, and a lover of chess.

 My Favorite Colour is Blue

I'm a friendly and competitive player and would love for you to challenge me to a Three Day Daily Challenge [ Please unrated ] as I need to improve




Get GM title... before I am 21

Win Streak of 100+

1st Place in Team and Single 4-Player Chess


Achievements: (Great Wins or Draws against Titled Players!)


CM: 1

   Masters Played: @kirillgenius CM





IM: 0




Total Number of Masters Played: 1



Full Rating Goals (or dreams, aren't they the same, lol tongue.png):

Blitz: 2700

Bullet: 3000

Rapid: 2100

3Check: 2000

Live960: 1500

King Of The Hill: 2500

Daily: 2500

Daily960: 1850


December 31, 2018 Rating Goals: (Where I want my highest rating at)

Blitz: 1600

Bullet: 1650

Rapid: 1300

3Check: 1400

Live960: 1600

King Of The Hill: 1500

Daily: 1600

Daily960: 1300


Thank you very much for reading this! I would (like I said earlier) highly appreciate Daily challenges (One or Three Day preferred) and yes titled players, I'm gonna be challenging ya! happy.pnghappy.png


Friend me if ya want! (if I get 50,000 followers, I'm getting a Diamond Premium membership, so you can help with that!)



  1. I won't accept games due to lot's of games sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. If you want to leave a friend request, don't be shy! Do it!
  3. I am really good at chess but I still play it because it's fun.


 Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day! Also don't let a loss in chess make you down, for you can always win again! C ya around! grin.png


                 My Favorite Position was i played in lichess.com

                        My rating was in lichess.com 1643

   And my opponent has 1511

   In lichess.com My username was Kushalthechampiondu and my opponent username is Cald-Or

             I was Black





And thus, my opponent resigns.



How many high rated players I beat ?

   A nice question

             6 high rated players I beat in chess.com

Number 1. MiddlegamerUmesh


 The game is this


      dirtguylawra [1106] vs MiddlegamerUmesh[1696]


I was black.



This was the game against MiddlegamerUmesh



Number 2. FortunaMajor


 I was Black.


dirtguylawra[1160] vs FortunaMajor[1676]


And thus, he resign.


Number 3. Brijeash3121


I was black,again.


Dirtguylawra [1108] vs Brijeash3121 (1474]



And thus the checkmate by a Pawn.

 This was the game against Brijeash3121

 Number 4. ATM622


I was white.


dirtguylawra (1070) vs ATM622 (1583)


Number. 5 divkgf
 I was black
divkgf [1700] vs dirtguylawra[1070]
Thus I won by timeout
Number.6 lagaffe1er
I was white.
dirtguylawra[1271] vs lagaffe1er [1670]
Thus, my opponent resigns

           Thanks to see the games if you like do not forgot to follow me.

31 December 2017 I beat my Sir.


I think my best friend is @Ash_XYZ ,Number 2 is @Nintendomaster404A , Number 3 IS @jm9966 ,Number 4th is @josephyossi ,Number 5 @dragonite234

 1 trophies =2 trophies

This is my account in lichess.org https://lichess.org/@/Ash_XYZ_With_Serena

in dibrugarh i met dreamingbouttheday or tanishaarsom2 by the way both account r of tanisha

                                                Single Tourney Played ----- 6

1st Prize In Tinsukia Age Tournament u9 when I'm 7,Points-2 out of 3

4th Prize In Dibrugar u11 When i was 8 Points 5.5 out of 7

3rd prize in Dirbrugar again Open but i got prize as age group when Im 9. Points-4.5 out of 7

1sr prize in Sripuria u9 when i'm9. Points--4 out of 4

Consolation Prize In Borhapjon Open Tournament.Points-4.5 out of 7

1st prize in borguri.Points-2.5 out of 5



                                                             Group Tourney Played-1

Dibrugar Group Tourney got Tinsukia got 2nd

Others Ranking.

1st. Dibrugar

2nd. Tinsukia

3rd. Duliajan

4th. Tezpur

My points -2 out 3



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