HerE is a Map of What it LOoKs like in the suN. i aM knOwn as Billy Bob Joe LXIV.

Are u StiLL intreSted to leArn about mE? I am onLy going To type 2wo moRe fActs abouT myseLf because im geTTing tired oF typing m-kay happy.png? So the fiRst facT about mE iS that im cALLed a BrAiNie DoOdLe. thE laSt fact is thAt me and oTheR BrAiNie DoOdLes are knoWn to cReatE SimPle WeapOns for WaR likE inviSible spRay, SiZe atTeraTion MacHines, et ceTera. wE alSo make coMplex WeaPOns likE toothpiCks, MaCe toothpiCks, et cEtEra, et CeTeRa, Et cETERA. noW u knoW stuFF aboUt me

Also this iS what i lOok liKe:

Here are some questions that I want to ask u: (oK fine, i waSn't tireD of tYping)

1. Mount Everest is the taLLest mountain and the 2nd is K2.

ImagINe K2 was discoVERed before MOUnt EvErEst.

What was the tallest MountaIn before Mount EvErEst was discovered?

2. Can you find the 

the mistake

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

3. How many of each animal did Moses bring onto his ark?

4. U r in a cold, dark room. There is a furnace, some wood, and a candle. U only have 1 match. wat do u lite first?

Here are the answers (highlight to see them)

the answer to the first question is Mount Everest

to the second answer is that there are two the's

Moses didn't have an ark. Noah did!

You light the match first, of course!