Hi, this is @FA-18_SuperHornet2007 (AKA Mr. Plane & "Hornet)! I'm the proud owner of my club, The Chess Association! We have lots of members, and we are inching closer to 100 members! We are also a lively community! I'd like it very much if you would come and join! 

I am also an SA in a club called Random Thoughts! Another very kind community! I'm currently an SA, working with the part time owner, @PrecisionGuessWorks as we fly past 100 members and get closer to 200! This club is a must join if you like to chat with other people!

I'm currently a member of a SUPER active club, The Christian Youth Chess Team (CYCT for short). The SA's are very nice, and the club always has new notes and forums!

One of the SA's in CYCT died on August 5th and is now with the Lord. Rest in peace Bob.

My Friends on Chess.com: 





Family on Chess.com:

@FredAlmighty, @Finnarmy, and @ChillyChess2010

Thanks for reading my bio! If you need me for anything, PM me!

- @FA-18_SuperHornet2007 AKA "Mr. Plane" Callsign: "Hornet"