Fred Rockenbaugh
Downsville, United States
Jan 2, 2010
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I was born in D.C. 2/10/51.  Dad passed(heart) in '58. Mom did the best she could raising me and 2 slightly older sisters. From 16 on I ran with a very diverse group of JDs. Went from greaser to hippie to older hippie. Family is #1 in life. I have 3 grown sons by my 1st wife. 2 granddaughters and a step grandson (so far!) A 23 yr young daughter by #2 and An 11 1/2 yr old daughter by my present woderful young wife. She was born 4/20/ 2000!!!!!! Rock + Roll is my fav kind of music by far! I really enjoy chess and am naturally competitive. I am retired after 23 yrs as a telephone cable splicer/repairman, preceeded by 15 yrs of other jobs most as a auto parts counterman at dif dealerships.(all of which were run by crooks!) I love life even though it's trying to kill me! You can call me Fred.

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