Aug 16, 2016
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Until further notice: 2 hour training sessions for 1 Monero (XMR)

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After Gurevich, now also Daniel King's stamp of approval :

First, two items of business:

a) chess is a game for the poor and watching streams and games may be a cheap thrill, but being a serious chess trainee is expensive business, in time, money, even in negotiating time off from school etc. Do not try this at home if you don't have the right sponsor.

b) my method is a triangle, a pyramid if you will, where you provide your mission statement, I provide technical and psychological guidance, and to complete the package you will need a regimen of body/physical activities. In the absence of something more sophisticated regular sports, martial arts or yoga will do, but may not be ideal.

"I teach that when it rains the pavements get wet."

latest OTB game : vs Dorfanis

Part Dvoretsky, part Dan Peña. Only players who want to rocket to the top, please! Language of instruction, English, Danish, French, German, Greek or Spanish. Strongly suggested prospective students have a full DNA (genetic test) profile. Coach since 1989, officially FIDE Trainer FT since 2017. Consider becoming a supporter before requesting extensive advice, especially if you are an anonymous user: