YO! Nerds if you read this you take a interest in me!

if so Read this,

I am a Crazy ** year old, sorry but you can't see my age yet You Nub

I love Legos I play Minecraft I love Voltron Legendary Defender I also love the marvel movies. and I am a Star Wars nerdtongue.png I love hiking reading Outdoors. coffee  and Friends I also love my dog my family as well! my favorite music is Techno/Electronic and Orchestral, no offense to anyone but I kinda Hate rap, I really Love (The Fat Rat)'s music I am also a Christian who is very rambunctious, 

Favorite Bible verse is John 3:16

"For got So loved the World that he Gave his only son so that whoever believes in him will not Perish but inherit Eternal life!"

I love car games!

OH OH OH and I can't forget


I want to be a Meteorologist be a storm chaser

Or fly Fighter jets for the American Air Force

I want to live in Croatia or Sweden in Fact I am learning to speak in Swedish!

 Lifes Bucket list

Fly into a Cat 5 hurricane in a F-35

Chase a World record EF5 tornado

Sky Dive

own a C8 Corvette ZR1

Go to a bunch of Comicon's and Cosplay as several characters I love from various stuff

and do a lot of stuff including dogfighting with a Fighter jet

and I love Dogs

and a lot more stuff which I will in fact add Eventually if I feel like ittongue.png

Please Pray for Ukraine While the struggle to fight Russia


I love a lot of stuff but....... I forget a lot of stuff LOL see ya Nerds!