Um hey I am young 13 year old Indian boy who likes to play chess and I am nerd. I also stream at Twitch between 7pm and 9pm ist at twitch.tv/sciencguy 

I have just one irl friend and he is a jerk. I have some great friends here who have helped me a lot - 

@sachin884 - my first chess.com friend and he has helped me a lot. He is not online nowadays due to his classes. Miss u. I want to get defeated by u 

@amberisbackk - very caring and a great friend. Helped me a lot 

@mega_knight21 - nothing to say abt u 

@anayaxjain - a great logo maker and she just can't forget to message me even for one damn day!!! Can u forget for atleast 3 days !?!?!

@ocean_flow - he is a jerk 

@Hermanomenor31 - hrhehehehehehheheehhehe

@chessadepti - heheheheheheheeeee idk why putted this but he is a great person 

Idk why I am just feeling sad and not in the mood to talk to anyone. I just want to be alone in my sadness. Only message me if it is something important or leave me alone pls