Jun 27, 2020
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Last edited: 18/01/2021

Hello everyone,

Let me introduce myself first. This is Divagar Gopinath. You can call me Divagar. I am an Indian who is from the state of Tamil Nadu. You can find me in random forums or in clubs. I am not so good at chess, just an intermediate chess player. I like playing video games and great song hearer.

Quiz for my friends.

Some of my favorites:

Favorite fastfood: Noodles, pizza, fried rice.

Favorite sport: Running, football, basketball, cricket, etc.

Favorite indoor sports: Chess, carrom, table tennis, cards, etc.

Favorite chess player: Bobby Fischer, Mikhail Tal.

Favorite openings:

Favorite color: Blue, red, white.

Now, let me introduce some of the clubs:

Excellence Chess Academy

Friends' club

Lockdown Hackers

Rising rooks

Note: I am not interested to join clubs anymore. So, do not send me invites or club links.

Feel free to send me a friend request and follow me. Thank you.

More will be added later...

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