Hello. I like to play chess, (currently focusing on rapid) and played in one OTB tournament so far. I have won against some grandmasters, like Nihal sarin and 2 other GMs in 4-player-chess, and one GM, who was in the top 100 in fide. I beat him in blitz on live


and he resigned after I captured his knight happy.png

                                                             scores for 2pc:

1 win against GM, 1 win against CM, CM in FOW (fog of war).


I have defeated these GM’s in hyperbullet 

GM @NihalSarin  8 times in FFA, and 49 times in teams.

GM @Arjunerigaisi2003 12 times in Teams, and 1 time in FFA.

GM @GHANDEEVAM2003  36 times in Teams, and 16 times in FFA. (same person as @arjunerigaisi2003)

@Illingworth 1 time in FFA (on variants server) 1 time in ffa ( and 4playerchess)

NM’s I have beaten in hyperbullet

NM @Bootstar 14 times in FFA.

NM @PlayableCharacter 2 times in Solo.

GM’s I have beaten in bullet FFA:

GM @Illingworth 1 time in FFA

NM’s I have beaten in Rapid Teams:

NM @Chessyclub 1 time in teams.

Streamers I beat in rapid: 

@Radon 1 time in rapid Teams

Streamers I beat in hyperbullet:

@Radon 1 time in hyperbullet FFA.

 IM’s I have beaten in hyperbullet: 

@DragonB70 1 time in hyperbullet ffa and a few times in hyperbullet solo (WTA winner takes all) 

 FM’s I have beaten in hyperbullet:

@Kingandqueen2017 in hyperbullet.

High Ranks I have reached:

#8 in hyperbullet

#9 in Games Played (more than 29000 games played in 4playerchess)


*Note all scores in "rapid" "teams" "Hyperbullet" "bullet" "ffa" "Solo" and FOW are variants. all except FOW are 4playerchess, not in live. 


                       my favorite chesskid game is gif below. (ME:Inkyclassicfrenzy:1308) (Opponent:Aspernalleebenjamin:1583)bUMwS2d2NVFmSFpSSFFYUWVnIVRiczZFZG05MGx0OCFjTTNWTVQwVG11VE12TTdNdU1WTW52RU5vRU5VZ28xVHB4ITFpeTEwano0NXpIUUh5SFlJYVcwOHNKOTFXMVUxa0ExSkNKNTRvdzRpZm5pcW5scXN4Rk1Gd0Y4MUVNVE1GTXNjdkRjZ01MMlVMQ2dlQ3ZlZmxuZmRES2R0dkM,.gif    my “chess personality” is “magician”. Mikhail tal is considered a “Magician"

the music instrument I play is the Cello. I have made some compositions for the cello.

my coach is @Nickmatta and @bfoleyfire (For Chess).

Friends i've know the best: @JKcheesechess, for about a year.

@Night-Rider_chess8987, for a while, i dont remember the exact number of time.

@hyperallweekchallenger, about 1 year

@hahaha4315, one of my 1st best friends (ive been playing chess with him since i started chess)

@MaybeKevD friends for a while- one of my best irl friends

@FatBlobbyKing, @hahaha4315's brother

@Pikauros13Sunny one of my best friends

@Elin2020, RIP im glad i was able to teach you 4playerchess and get you to 3000! very sad you closed sad.png

@MAXWELL2435 one of my best friends

@4Player-pug or 4PC-pug RIP one of my best friends

@Bangladeshcricket RIP im glad i was able to defeat GM Nihal Sarin and a couple other gms on a team with you!

@MayimChayim- i must say i know you a lot more than other players. and Glad you got unbanned!

@travisqiu my most active friend

@the_nub_of_nopknight #iveplayedyouwithcricket one of my best irl friends since i started 

@mati4333 i dont neccesarily know you well, but congrats on the world championship for 4playerchess!

@chessmastergs and @Qfcbv "the people who insulted me the most " and two of the people i know the best.... not the best thing.

@shadowarcher28 congrats on your WOF position being authorized! also glad i had you on your side in the frog war against @chessmastergs and @qfcbv... congrats on getting the spy out (also i want credit for spying on @chessmastergs and @qfcbv for like the whole time and sometimes my irl being stolen... well thats a story for a LONG time later)

@Ellchan429 one of my best harry potter friends, along with @gellartgrindelwald. shoutout for their bullet skills!

@alishernator, my first friend i dont know very well

@nmmingyangzhang5910 "wassimelon seeds"

@sean313800084 one of my first accounts(?) AKA _________ wont say his more recent account!

@sean3139 i know him from since 2019 (on my 2nd account i lost my password for my first one, which i had in 2017 and i closed my one in 2019 and here i am... those usernames are SO not on this profile

@1Virus2System3 one of my more recent friends (2022)

a shoutout to many more friends i didnt mention on this profile (yet) please send me a message to say how you want to be described/if you want to not be on this profile description

notes starting from december 25th 2021. more added each thing something notable happens. please [PRIVATE CHAT] me the messages, since i rarely check my messages folder.


1. Merry Christmas!

2. Happy New Year!

3. April fools!

4. Happy Easter! ( I think this covers mine for 2 months)

@b/e9e9t998h09o8776v6788e998652n871998272798798709798798719879871 find my old username if you can !