Oct 19, 2020
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11 days ago

The world won't change. The people in our world will never change. Do you really think everybody fights forĀ justice and peace? No, they fight for power and vengeance. This world is never the same and no one will change it. I've felt the pain this world has to offer, I tried to fix it but this world has already lost its chance. The Russians. The Chinese. The Americans. The Germans. The North Americans. The South Americans. The Africans. The Australians. The Asians. The Europeans. They'll never change. Even if America-(or other countries)-tries to make amends with other people or countries, in the future there will be a war in which this bond breaks. You and I aren't different huh? Sure, you were born from a different mother in a different family in a different place, but we still have the same personality, we still have the same goals of life.

People are selfish, even at times when they're good. God created the world, the people, the animals, and everything, and yet these people wont accept it they'll create their own gods and their own religions. THEY. WONT. ACCEPT. THE TRUTH. and that's what makes people selfish sometimes.

There was a saying: without a chaos order never will never exist and without order chaos will never exist. by the way i am 11 yrs old and i talk aboutĀ WORLD DOMINATIONhmph
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