Gio FL
Geneva, Switzerland
Nov 4, 2010
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Dec 30, 2015
It's only a game... so do not get upset /aggressive/rude/insulting if you lose. Yes, even on time in a winning position... call it luck, whatever, but it won't change the result. And no, a rematch is not an obligation, even if you lost the game. Funny by the way how these guys only offer a rematch when they lose, never when they win... Again, calling your opponnent "chicken" or "coward" won't change the result : you lost, end of the story. I lose millions of games and don't get upset or claim a right to a rematch. I may even congratulate you. It's called fairness, but it's become pretty rare since people can play anonymously which, funnily enough, is the paramount of cowardice when calling someone "a chicken" (behind the glorious shield of an anonymous handle) for refusing a rematch.
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