Mar 16, 2020
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Since May 10, 2020

About Myself: I am a 10 year old chess player and I am actually pretty lazy happy.png. But I live in America, don't mind the Maltese flag on my profile. My puzzle rating always tanks because

  1. I try to memorize the puzzles
  2. The chess.com puzzles are bad.

So back to me: I play 1... e4, I get punched. I play 1... d4, i 50% win 50% lose. I play 1... c5 as black, 99% win. So watch out and don't challenge me as black happy.png

My usernames:

  • Me on chess.com: happysnake12345 
  • Me on lichess: JoshuaMoney
  • Me on chess24: happysnake12345
  • Pychess: JoshuaMoney 

BTW, My username on lichess is JoshuaMoney cause I like the name Joshua happy.png

I got the name @happysnake12345 from slither.io, I used to like that game and I liked the happy-snake skin. I was actually addicted to the game.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi7DLdU28uMY6c6cFGV8bgA

Website: happysnake12345-com.webnode.com