Hi! Welcome to my profile! grin.png

My chesskid account username: EvenJitteryCurl

My lichess account username: Paury31 

My Club: https://www.chess.com/club/angelaplayzchess-friends-and-fans 

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOc8fM7COOMYcdlq7i1QPgQ 

My Discord Server: https://discord.com/channels/1081393980773765222/1081393981621010606 

Personal Info About Me:

Full Name: ............

Nickname: Mary, Melissa, Angela, Angel or Paury. (ONLY good friends can call me that)

Age: 14

Regionality: Christian

Birthday: October 5th

Gender: Female

Zodiac Sign: Libra 

Sexuality: Pan

IQ: 144

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 116 lb

Martial Status: Single

Status: Active

Shoe Size: 7-8

How well do you know me? https://buddymeter.com/quiz.html?q=o4yhoa3  

Who am I to you? https://pollsgo.com/poll?p=gRsTZ69 

What I do for people when I care: 

Care for them

Support them

Ask some questions and never tell anyone else

Make the world a better place

Helping them get back up on their feet

(So if you feel alone or anything bad like that, I am always open to help you) (Go to my club also for more, link is 👆 go up)

Rules: Please don't advertise clubs to me.

Please don't randomly send me friend requests unless you are subscribed to my channel or you are in my club. 

Please do not friend me repeatedly.

Sexual harassment, harassment in any other way, being violating and bullying, I will not tolerate because you will be permanently blocked, reported and banned from my club.

If your club activity is 40% or lower, I won't join and if your club used to be higher but got to that point, I am sorry but to quit the club, so plz try your best to make that club active. If the club notes have not been posting for a month, I will also be quitting. Sorry.   It's not because I hate the club, just inactive. But, if you joined my club and invited me and the club activity is under 60%, sub to my channel and I will join. happy.png

If you are inactive for over 6 months or we don't normally talk or hangout, then I probably most likely will remove you due to a huge friend list.

If you want to be friends with me, you MUST join my club.  Otherwise, I will decline friend requests.

I reply almost immediately unless if I'm on another tab or if I'm offline so feel free to message or chat me whenever.

You can introduce yourself after you friend me.

Learn more about my rules from my club.  

Thank you so much for reading my whole bio! Have a nice day!

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