Sep 9, 2014
Last Online
12 hrs ago

I play for fun and always as a gentleman. Good luck in your games. 


Several times a year I endure a verbal attacks. This has been consistent throughout my years of playing online. Also consistent are the following:

1. The players offering insults are rated 1300 or less.

2. 100% of the time it was a bad game - someone made mistakes. 

3. 95% of the time they lost on time in a speed game (3 minutes or less).

4. The insults always discredit my chess abilities with something generally resembling "you really stink at chess." (expletives omitted)

To this I have a couple of questions: 

1. Why would you play speed chess and complain about losing on time?

2. If I "really stink at chess" and beat them, how bad do they "stink?" I suggest a less reflective insult, "you are a chess stud muffin, but your mama's feet stink!" 

...sorry to be trivial but I'm sure you've experienced this too. I play live chess with a glass of wine to relax. 

Let's all remember this is a game and let's all be gentlemen.

I omitted using the term ladies because I find it's mostly the male players that hide behind an alias and cast insults freely.  One more quick note. I rarely have more than minutes to play Live Chess. Usually, I click "Start Game" instantly after a game finishes. Rarely do I wait to challenge or accept challenges for games against a previous opponent. Please do not interpret this as rude. I am simply looking for a few quick games to test an opening or tactic.