Hi welcome to my bio
Sooooo... I am a young Christian man, who loves the Jews and the Holy Bible.
I am also a messianic torah observer
I stand with Israel, for they are God's first chosen people.


║99.9% of you won't post this.

ll When Jesus died on the cross, He was

║thinking of you. If you're one of 0.1% that

║cares, put this on your profile.


Love to play 1min bullets happy.png

I am not that great at rapids and blitz's 

To God all the Glory! Wither I win or lose!

 My Chess Goals:

Blitz : 1200+

Rapid : 1100+

Bullets : 1300+

Daily : 600+

If you'd like to join a Chess Club

Check out one of these clubs:
I will make a new bio in a few weeks.

Here are some of my friends, if you are not on the list please DM me.(wil put you on the list XD)
@SunflowerGypsy : Awesome friend, love to chat with her.
@Paleo_Liam_577 : Awesome dude, he is very smart (he gave me one time very good advice)
@Chrisjan_Genis : Dudes fast a rubix cubes.
@MidnightxChess : Interesting friend. She loves singing and dancing.
@Select_Chicken : Dudes is very fast at 1min bullets. Also fun to chat with.
@SweetPeaBuddy : Awesome Leader, and awesome to talk to
@Green_Sleeves : Awesome Leader and friend
@Cuber-Bezalel : Interesting Dude, want to know you more XD
@Disco-panzer115 : Awesome Dude, spamming emj and chatting. 
That's for now. Will add a few friends soon.

Are you a fan? Well if so you can join my fan club.

Hope you have a wonderful day.