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lima, Peru
Nov 19, 2012
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Apr 7, 2017

Hello everyone, I have gotten tons of question on if I really eat guinea pigs and the answer is YES!!! here in peru they are called CUY. I recomend that if you ever come to Peru to Machu Piccu or somthing that you check it out! 



Ok by the way I will only join groups if 1) I like the group, and 2) it is a specialized invite. I do not like getting tons of mass invites just because I am on the most active member page. 



About me:

I play Tons of OTB chess and my preformace rating has always been between 1500-1550 I hope to get better at this game by studying and using all of chess.coms tools. 


I am an athiest and I will not hesistate to argue with others about religon and other topics like this. I respect religon, but I personally think its a load of b****hit. also Telling me I am going to hell is about as scary as telling me I wont get a present from santa this year. so dont do it... its just annoying...

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