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NM ih8sens

Matthew Nicholson

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Jan 23, 2008
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15 hrs ago
Supporting member since May 29, 2008

"The horse is on the sofa and you're gonna have to deal with it."


Canadian National Master, 5 time Sudbury Champion, Canadian Amateur Champion, Guelph Co-Champion.


I achieved all 3 of my NM norms (required in Canada) in 2013, in Toronto, Ottawa, and Guelph.  


That's about it.  I'm 24 years old, married now, and so a lot less active in tournaments. My current Canadian (CFC) rating is 2346.  I'm more-or-less inactive with FIDE. 


I consider my playing style to most closely resemble Anish Giri, although my repertoire is much more consistent with Vladmir Kramnik.  Like Giri, although on a much lower level, I tend to favour accuracy over complications, and so I prefer positions where I have full control.  I tend to aim for clarity, and have very consistent performance as a result.  


To emphasise my unusual consistency, I have not lost to somebody lower rated than me in over 4 years and 71 rated games.  On the other hand, I seldom beat people rated much higher than myself.  As a result, my rating has been steadily increasing, but rather slowly.


For the past few years I spent a great deal of time working on endgames.  More recently, I slightly updated my repertoire, including less theoretical options to reduce my total preparation time and make it more difficult to prepare specifically for me.


At this current time, I'm working rather intensely on www.chesstempo.com, focusing on "standard" tactics.  More specifically, I'm trying to become more patient and not move until I've worked out the entire variation. So far, it's not going well, but give me a few months and I'm sure I'll have improved enough to fight for the FM title at next year's Canadian Zonal.  


I guess that's it!  If you want to know anything else send me a message.  I decline all friend requests unless I know you outside of chess.com.

Note: I have discontinued coaching at this time in favour of improving my own play.  I will resume when I get the FM title.

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