Nov 28, 2019
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3 hrs ago

On a Friday in 2019, I was packing my bags ready to go home from school. My parents were late collecting me as I went to the office to wait. One of my classmates was in the office too for the same reason, he was reading a book. I asked him what the book was about. He told me it was about chess, as I had no idea of what it was. He told me about it and the rules, as I got even more interested. When I got home, I looked up some chess websites. I first used chesskid, and realized: "I need a chess class." So I asked my parents for one, as they agreed, I quickly improved and got the rating of 1296 on chesskid.com . Then on November 29, 2019, I started using chess.com . Though I was not active in my first year on chess.com, I am now very active. Once I am in more than 35 or 40 clubs, I will not accept invitations easily.