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Hola, Amigos

Where the tacos never end *HOPEFULLY*, United States
Aug 7, 2017
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1 day ago

First of all, only contact me in my notes, like if you want to invite me to a club, talk or something. Also, I only want to join clubs related to the CHT That is, unless it is an official Chess.com club, or if I'm sure I can join it.

Also, If you want to challenge me, say so in my notes and we can play.

I'm proud to say that I'm a Christian, and that I believe the Bible, and I am willing to defend it at all costs. 

The first companies to reach 100 will be considered by me as the winners and the most popular companies.


          Red Vines: 3                What side are you?      Twizzlers: 4


I am totally on the Red Vines side.


               Coca-cola: 5             What side are you?      Pepsi:  2   ___________________________________________________________________________________

An ice cold Coca-Cola for me. (or a nice cold Coca-Cola?) 

I'm a WWII history nut too. Anything that has to do with WWII and WWII aviation in particular, I love it.

This is Ten2ndRule, one of my favorite channels on YouTube.

This is Bro. David Daniels, from Chick Tracts, and he draws gospel tracts, writes books about the King James Version, and makes videos on YouTube. I'll put a few videos here. Also, don't attack me for being King James Only, please. We can have a civilized discussion, but please, keep it civil. And actually watch the videos before you try to say "David Daniels is wrong!"


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