Hello, I am a chess player who started to play chess on chess.com in 2021...I was just a beginner, but over the course of

3 years I have learned lots of openings...and I have played lots of games, I am an admin in at least 3 clubs, and I was a part of The Talent Troupe in the NSPCL.

Maybe your level isn't going UP, like you expected...well don't worry, just practice, and don't get angry when you lose, just play your best. 

Maybe this blog can help with a few ideas on how to get your rating up to 1500...just some ideas that might work: https://www.chess.com/blog/JDB-Colombian-Pro/how-to-get-1500-rating

My Best WIN!!! August 22, 2023:


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JOHN 3:16

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One of my best tournaments:

Played on January 31, 2024

2+1 Bullet


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I really think you should play a solid opening...if you don't already. Practice the opening you like the best for a couple months, try different openings if you don't like an opening yet, and decide which you think is the best for you.

The Italian:

Check out my blog about the Italian:

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