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ramon deniega
olongapo city, Philippines
Apr 7, 2009
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19 hrs ago
i like to play chess. just for past time. i do hope my playmate is kind and gentle enough to accept defeat. i hate people who seem to be arrogant and full of mouth cursed when they lose. be good when u play chess and dont let Satan or the devil, hung over your head and soul when u play this game. This is just a game. it should not be your passion unless u are a professional player. There is none enough prize or money or good fortune in chess. Chess is a game where only one will be called champion or the best player. there are no weight divisions here like boxing. A young can play the old or the veteran can play an amateur. and anybody can win but only one will emerge as the best. it is not thrilling or exciting to watch chess games. oftentimes it is boring to watch it. the only way to make u thrill is to play on fast games. Prizes are too small compared to other sports. one thing is for sure. chess is the most popular mind game in the whole world. Lets play chess but do not destroy your integrity and reputation just becoz of this sport. God bless u all!
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