First Poem: 

Merry merry my dear viewers,

I am sooooo... glad that you gave me a view! happy.png grin.png

Check out the profile!

I am sure you'll like it!

I've just decorated it only for you!

Welcome viewers! Check out my profile!

Hello, I am from Bangladesh and an SSC examinee. SSC is a public exam so everybody please pray for me!

Here's a link to know a little more about me( being inspired from @theodore2010) https://quizabout.me/quiz/9597cd.

And, YES!!! I request all to join the club called The Painting and Sketch world if you're a passionate lover in art. Here's the link: https://www.chess.com/club/the-painting-and-sketch-world

Also you can join The Martial Chess Masters!!! Join and enjoy all! https://www.chess.com/club/the-martial-chess-masters

Hope that all of you will enjoy my profile!!!

I love playing chess. Though I am not so good at it!

Second poem:

Oh! dear viewers! Are you already tired?

More to see, more to learn!

Check out the paintings! 

I am sure you'll love it!

Though I am not so good at it dear!

I also love drawing pictures. I guess more than chess! Recently, this picture brought me award in the competition 'Shilpi  Qayyum Choudhury Sriti Unmukto Chitrankon Protijogita'.Hello guys!

This is a American Robin which I have painted recently.

Ahhahha! This is a Swallow's nest!

This is a well-fed couple of Sparrow birds!

The Macaws of Amazon Rainforest.

The most destructive thing on Earth........ BLACK ART!

Tear drops are the symbol of a pure heart.................

It's (just) an OCTOPUS underwater!

A detailed sketch of a MACAW!!!

Hi guys! This is a colorful peacock!

And thank you sooooo........... much for viewing my profile. I'll try my best to post more & more pictures in the coming days!!!!........