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I wanted to let you know that my background isn't something you can find on the internet. My friend actually coded it, and so I want to let you see the code. The link is here.

He also plays on Check him out. His username is vaakash. The link to his profile is here.

Check out my new YouTube channel!

Here are some cool achievements (it's being updated over time):

1.  I dominated a bullet arena going 14.5/15 starting as an 1850

2.  I have beaten 8 NM's, 6 FM's, 4 CM's, 1 WCM, 1 WIM, and 1 WFM

3.  I drew a GM in King of the Hill, a WCM in bullet, and a NM in blitz

4.  I got 4th place in an Untitled Tuesday going 7/10

5.  I beat the Morphy bot

6. I have 2000+ ratings in every major time control